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When the Job Offer Falls Flat

After a lengthy job search, you’ve connected with an organization that fits you like a glove. You respect the company, the people and you know the industry. Everything is fitting together perfectly. You’ve met several times, have gone to lunch with the Managing Director and have been introduced to the executive committee. Your resume has […]

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Imagine Your Success

If you struggle with a career goal that you can see in your mind’s eye, but continually fail to act on, you’re not alone. There are amazingly successful people in business today who have achieved impressive accomplishments and have the power to move forward. But they don’t, because of a perceived shortcoming that has become […]

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Conducting a Confidential Job Search?

Loyalty and the job hunt Are you concerned that your employer will uncover your job search? You feel disloyal to your company and fearful of the consequences of being discovered, because there is a lot riding on your ability to provide for your family.  This is a natural concern, especially when you’ve had a good […]

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Will Your Executive Resume Pass the Test?

Recently I worked with an executive who is with an international consulting firm. He had been approached by the SVP of Research and Development and encouraged to apply for an upcoming senior-level vacancy. My client is brilliant, ambitious and clearly on the fast track. Both of us were feeling confident that he would ace the competition. After all […]

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How Following Up Got Me The Job

How I won the job by following up As a business owner in the careers industry who is fairly new to the marketing and sales game, I absorb everything I can on the topic and learn from those who are good at it. As they say, it takes 10,000 hours to competence, and frankly, I […]

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Run to a Job You Love

Almost every day I hear from intelligent, educated and talented people working in every imaginable industry who are stuck trying to figure out how to start a job search. Here is what I hear: “I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.” “I don’t know where to begin.” “I’m working 70 hours a week and have […]

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