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When change is coming you need a career coach.

Career Navigator Program

You’ve been a loyal and valued employee. You’ve brought success, results, leadership and mentoring to your team.
Now your confidence is shaken.

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You were actively recruited and have been delivering value to your employer ever since. You haven’t looked for a new position in years. You've moved up through your organization steadily, maybe predictably. Now that change is in the wind, you need a career coach.

It's time to chart a new course – don't hope for a happy accident. Plan for the career you really want. Take action today.

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The job market has changed over the last decade. It’s a new world out there.

  • You’re ready for the next challenge in your career.
  • You know there’s a tangible opportunity cost to remaining in an unfulfilling role.
  • You recognize that, at your level, you need a career coach - a carrer navigator - and a customized job search strategy to land you at your destination.
  • You need help navigating the 21st century job market.
  • You demand confidentiality, a scientific method, a proven process and results.
  • Work with a multiple award-winning professional resume writer and triple-certified human resources professional ​to help you define your next career move, boost your confidence, build a comprehensive record of your accomplishments, and demonstrate that you’re leading-edge.


COO, Healthcare Technology, Toronto, Canada

Maureen has redefined the standard for me […] By the time you are done, you have the position skills, attributes and critical skills really well defined. This is the most detailed and complete career strategy process that I have ever seen. Maureen is genuine, sincere and hustles, what’s not to like about that?

When we work together on Career Navigation, we prepare you for new opportunities and open doors.

  • Decide on your new path with the advice of a career coach and ​a triple certified and multiple-award-winning career professional.
  • Open doors with branded career documents that pack a punch.
  • Participate in meaningful conversations with decision makers using a unique interview strategy that instills confidence.
  • Be an active participant in the job interview with tools designed especially for you, your level and your industry.
  • Your champions will support you with a reference process that decision makers will embrace.
  • You will logically persuade decision makers with a detailed proposal that will make it easy for the firm to say “yes.”
resume writing professional Maureen Framer

I’m an experienced, dedicated, certified professional who will meet you on your level.


Click the button below to learn what an Executive Resume Success Package can do for you.

This customized package is ideal if you haven’t looked for a new position in 10+ years. The job market has changed over the last decade. Leverage the advice of a professional career coach to position yourself for success with a customized job search plan that delivers.

  • 8 private coaching sessions (60 minutes each).
  • Powerful and immediately actionable job search strategies.
  • Branded career documents, including an evidence-based ​resume, cover letter or letter of introduction, professional biography, LinkedIn profile energizer, reference dossier and list of endorsements.
  • Interview tools that support your value proposition and instill confidence in the corporate decision-makers.
  • A unique interview strategy that takes the guesswork out of answering questions.
  • Building references and endorsements to work together with a reference strategy and a reference dossier highly popular with HR consultants.
  • A way to help the decision-makers make the connection ​between their needs and your value proposition in a way that employers can’t resist.
  • Plus dozens of tools, reports, leading-edge research and information not available to 99% of other job seekers.
  • Confidence in a process you will employ time and time again.
  • Customized ​career navigation plan
  • Customized Resume
  • Targeted Cover Letter
  • ATS Resume (applicant tracking system)
  • Reference Dossier
  • LinkedIn Profile Energizer
  • Professional biography
  • Interview coaching
  • Employer follow-up letter template

Senior Manager, Halifax, Canada

Maureen not only provided me with an extremely professional CV, but a document that captured the essence of me! To achieve this she had me do incredible prep work, and to complete in depth reference research. Her commitment to me, her coaching and encouragement were second to none. I retained Maureen thinking this is a lot of money. She completed the project, and even before I got the position, I felt I had received tremendous value for the investment I made with Maureen. My confidence went through the roof! I cannot say enough about her skill, dedication and her commitment to her own customer service.


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My Guarantee to You.

I understand the importance of your position, your company and your future. Confidentiality is absolutely guaranteed in our work together.

Are you concerned that someone who doesn’t know you will be writing your resume and will be privy to highly personal information?

Are you concerned about the ethics of professionals writing on behalf of others?

As a certified member of three professional associations, I am bound by the ethics and best practices of my industry.

We will work together in a collaborative way to uncover your authentic and unique value proposition and transform your achievements into rich and powerful contextual language that will pique the interest of your targeted audience based on your values, your strengths and your achievements.