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Resilience at Work

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill In a recent trip to New York City, I met a guy in a restaurant on the Upper East Side who works as a day trader. It immediately occurred to me how little I know about this profession and how one […]

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7 reasons you need a plan B for your career.

I recently returned from an electricity conference in Kingston, Jamaica hosted by Jamaica Public Service Company where more than 375 women gathered to collaborate on “how women do energy differently.” Professionals, engineers and CEOs from around the globe gathered to discuss the energy industry and how to manage their careers. It was clear to me […]

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Savor the Sound of Music. Create Your Future.

I am in awe of musicians. Recently I attended a concert featuring the Nova Scotia Symphony and popular Canadian crooner, David Myles. I sat for nearly two hours listening to magical arrangements executed by dozens of deeply talented and gifted musicians while I watched the conductor weave the music together with his mysterious choreography. I […]

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Imagine Your Success

If you struggle with a career goal that you can see in your mind’s eye, but continually fail to act on, you’re not alone. There are amazingly successful people in business today who have achieved impressive accomplishments and have the power to move forward. But they don’t, because of a perceived shortcoming that has become […]

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