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From Zero to Sixty in 7 Days—The Story of Handell’s New Dream Job

Coffee meetings can help you tap into the hidden job market.If you are skeptical about the power of the hidden job market, you need to read on. You likely understand that up to 95% of jobs are never advertised, especially at senior levels.

This is the story of Handell, a technology executive client who had been downsized from his firm due to a merger of two similar-sized national firms. Post-termination, Handell applied for a posted position as Senior Director Network Operations with a supplier company of his former merged firm. He was ecstatic because the organization was in growth mode and the opportunity was perfect!

He was interviewed four times by the human resources department and the COO of the firm. He received the news three weeks later that he was not the successful candidate. He was immensely disappointed. All of the indicators signalled that he would be selected and he was absolutely convinced he would receive the offer. He was told that, although he was a top-level candidate, his skills did not match the job description and another candidate with more relevant experience received the offer.

But wait. The story does not end here.

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