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How to penetrate the mental door of your decision-maker

meeting the decision makerTwo minutes is a long time to talk non-stop. Try it. It’s also a long time to talk non-stop about yourself.

Imagine that you are in front of the CEO at your dream company and she says: “Tell me about yourself.” Are you at a loss of what to say? Are you prepared?

I believe that the most effective way to deliver a 2-minute elevator pitch is don’t. Attention spans are short, and your audience will quickly disengage if you drone on.

Consider these answers:

“I am the CFO for Fortune 1000 company.”

Is that memorable?

Re-engineer your story. Consider this answer:

“I am a CFO, known in the manufacturing industry as the acquisition and integration expert. I create new structures and common processes to make companies better than the sum of its parts.”

Use contextual language based on the situation and that meets the need of your immediate audience. Using numbers and meaningful statistics will also engage and help you become memorable.

Kick start the conversation that will hook your audience.

Engage in a real conversation about what you’ve done and what makes you unique. Don’t speak in generalizations because generalizations are not memorable. Your job as an executive job seeker, public board candidate or entrepreneur making a pitch to a private equity group is to get through the mental door of the decision-maker. Connect the dots of your value proposition one by one.

Consider these scripts:

“I help companies turnaround in preparation for sale.” This is short and sweet, but is it memorable?

How about:

“As a business turnaround expert, I take companies from red to black in record time by focusing first on sales, and then on operations through a rapid assessment process, quick decision-making and seamless execution of the plan. My track record is near perfect.”

Make it even better by providing an example.

“My most recent project is the transformation of a chain of 7 post-acute care centers in the Southwest where I increased market share by 10 basis points in a downward market, creating a valuable disposition for the owners.”

People love numbers and statistics—provide interesting and meaningful data to become memorable and to get inside your decision-maker’s mental door.

If want to learn more about connecting with others and strategies you can use immediately in your executive job search, watch this brilliant TED talk with Intrigue Expert, Sam Horn.

If you are ready to take your executive job search strategy to the next level, contact me today to discuss.

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