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The ROI of Keeping in Constant Contact with Employers when in Job Search

keeping in touch with the recruiter after an interviewThe majority of my business is working with C-level executives looking for a step up or a step out in their career.

My counsel to these savvy career navigators is to keep in constant contact with employers during the recruiting and job search process. “Top of mind is first to find” and unless you are an award-winning rocket scientist or a Fortune 100 CEO, you need to remind corporate recruiters and hiring decision-makers that you remain interested in the job, post-interview.

Another side of my business is helping companies recruit for specific roles. These organizations are rapidly expanding and keeping up with the marketplace is a challenge. Systems and processes don’t always grow at the pace of market (a great challenge to face!) and companies need your expertise to bridge the gap. There are many more opportunities than those that are ever posted (some inside information for you on the hidden job market). I digress.

It surprises me that senior-level candidates don’t bother to keep in touch with the corporate recruiter or the hiring decision-maker during the recruiting process. Business mergers, acquisitions and divestitures mean that busy executives may forget about you during a very tumultuous time. As great as you are, the hiring manager may have a dozen or so fires to put out, agreements to negotiate or customer emergencies to tend to.

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