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Mastering Change is Hard - Let's Shoulder It Together

Commitment to securing a new Executive Role is Yours.

Customizing and Branding your individual Career Story is Mine.

Collaborating so that decision makers see your best reflection is Ours.

When considering a crucial career move, you need clear goals, powerful branding and effective documentation. These three critical elements will set you apart from your competition and get you the attention of decision makers.

“In my work I’ve discovered that there’s an interesting combination of art and science to successful executive career positioning. To achieve their next executive position, different executives need varying degrees of guidance. Because many have been secure in one executive role for a number of years, it’s so often true that the people with whom I work aren’t certain how much guidance they need, what kind of documentation is expected in today’s market, and even where to begin to build a job search strategy. I can help.”

~ Maureen Farmer

Everyone’s story is unique but when it comes to change there are three similarities. Which are you?

Optimistic, On Guard or Overwhelmed.


You’re excited, optimistic about all the possibilities before you! You’re preparing for change with eagerness.

You can see a bright new future and you must be ready when the time’s right.

  • You have your eye on a dream job.
  • A firm is heading hunting you.
  • A board appointment is on the horizon.
  • You’ve been invited to apply for another position within your firm.
  • The world is your oyster.

You know that in today’s market place, you need a whole branding package – and a resume is an important part of that whole!

If this describes your situation, let’s discuss your need for an Executive Resume Success Package.


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Perhaps this speaks more to your situation:

Uncertainty has cast a shadow over your future and every instinct, every fibre of your being is saying, “I’ve got to get out of here!”

It’s a generally accepted truth that making changes in your work life is stressful. Especially when you’re a C-level, Board or VP executive.

As many of us can attest, change often springs from uncertain circumstances. 

  • There’s a change in corporate or board leadership that makes you ill at ease​
  • You know that your industry sector has reached its potential
  • There is an imminent merger or acquisition on the horizon.
  • There’s corporate restructuring and it’s time to either Step Up or Step Out

Whatever the circumstance, change is looming. You’ve predicted it, now it’s time to be proactive. You understand that you need to be “re-branded” so that your years of experience can be advantageously put to use elsewhere. But you have no idea where to begin.

The Professions Package is what you need.
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Is your security compromised?  Is your confidence shaken? Has your path dropped away ...

Column 1

Suddenly you’re worried about your career. Every aspect of it. After years of enjoying well-earned success, you don’t know where to begin, where to turn.

The idea, the very concept of “job hunting” is a complete mystery to you.

  • Recruited from university, you never finished your degree.
  • You feel you’ll be disqualified because of it.
  • You’ve only worked in one sector.
  • You haven’t needed a resume since high school.
  • Where do I find my kind of work?
  • Who needs my skills?
  • I rose through the ranks to the top.
  • I was never a whiz kid.
  • I was always a whiz kid.
  • How do I represent all I’ve accomplished on paper?
  • What’s the plan of attack? Even the first step?
  • What does “branding myself” even mean?
  • Who can I trust to talk to about this?

A customized Career Navigation Package

will open the right doors. 

I will guide you to the Hidden Job Market.

Contact Me Right Away.


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Working with Maureen helped to alleviate the stress of being overwhelmed by the daunting task of developing a comprehensive set of cohesive collateral material to showcase my skills and experience in the best light possible. 

Maureen is easy to work with and has a high degree of empathy. I would […] highly recommend her to anyone in need of her services.

 - CEO, Safety and Security Technology, New York, NY