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Meet Maureen Farmer, CCMC, CRS, CCS, CHRP

I love helping people land the career of their dreams; or even a career they never dared to dream.

I’m incredibly process-driven. I’ve synthesized everything I’ve learned from 25 years of executive career coaching, executive resume writing, professional education, two degrees, two certificates and three certifications into an award-winning process that is effective, but even more importantly, is also completely customized to you.

Transitioning your career is hard. You don’t set sail for Ireland without a map, and you can’t land a new career without a plan. I’ve known many people who wasted valuable time searching job boards, ignoring the hidden job market and relying on outdated tactics hoping to get a call that never came.


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Maureen is easy to work with and has a high degree of empathy. She provided a roadmap that was very straightforward and reduced the stress of preparing for my next position. In addition, she constantly provided resources that helped me to get into the right frame of mind to open up and share my career story.

- CEO, Safety and Security Technology, New York, NY


  • Award-winning Certified Resume Strategist
  • Certified Human Resources Professional
  • Member: Career Professionals of Canada, Human Resources Association of Nova Scotia, Career Directors International
  • Certificate In Human Resources Management (St. Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada)
  • Certificate in Business Education (University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB, Canada)
  • Degree in Office Administration (Mount Saint Vincent University Halifax, NS)
  • Atlantic Canada Ambassador for the Career Professionals of Canada
  • Co-chair of the Professional Women’s Group for Dress for Success Halifax

10 Things About Maureen

1. I’ve been to Sable Island.

2. My favorite cities are Montreal and New York.

3. I like to swim, walk and hike.

4. I love the music of Nat King Cole, Ron Sexmith, Jill Barber, Coldplay and Fleetwood Mac.

5. My MBTI is INFJ. (If you don’t know what that means, it’s time to find yours!)

6. I’m claustrophobic and the universe tested me once by locking me in an elevator in Vancouver with 10 other people for 65 minutes. (I made it out alive.)

7. I read industry information while I’m on vacation (yes, I’m a nerd!).

8. Pat, Brenna and Allie-Cat—are my amazing family who helped me get here!

9. I’m grateful for my amazing clients.

10. I love good food but I just don’t get bananas.

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