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Our executive resume writing and branding assets are used by top-level career specialists serving executives who lead Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs, Warner Bros, Google, Sony, Apple, BlackRock, and many others. 

These customized resources showcase executives’ experiences based on their true results. They are anonymized and fictionalized to protect the executive’s privacy, but the results are very real. 

Write faster and save up to 9 times your hours of painstaking research, writing, and testing with our customized resume portfolios. You will increase the number of clients you will be able to serve and optimize your earning potential. 

Save up to 50+ hours of your valuable time and effort while building your own brand as an executive resume writer and career coach. Stand out among your competitors while making your client look like a hero in front of the family when they land the perfect job offer.

The Feature Highlights

CEOs today are required to remain current on market conditions that impact their industry. For your highest-level corporate CEO client, you will position him/her as a market-leading expert.

Chairman of The Board Resume Writing Portfolio

For your highest level board client, this resume writing portfolio includes an original chairman of the board resume (based on a true client with anonymized data).

Your clients wanting to up-level from a Senior Vice President to a Chief Investment Officer role will stand out among their competitors with this market-tested resume portfolio package.

Help your clients stand out in their targeted industry with metric-driven accomplishment statements that will pique the interest of recruiters, hiring authorities and boards of directors. You can customize this portfolio for finance roles across industries. 

Your Chief Revenue Officer client needs a resume with powerful language that demonstrates their ability to integrate key functions across marketing, sales, pricing, customer engagement, forecasting, and revenue collection. 

Your Chief Technology Officer client is a key business leader in the organization. The CRO’s resume needs to speak the language of business and customer solutions to pique the interest of the hiring committee.

Attention Executive Resume Writers!

Grow your business, serve top-level executives,
and triple your fees!

Serve time-poor corporate executives and board directors who don’t have the time or expertise required to research, write, and design sophisticated marketing material required for their next job, internal promotion, investor pitch, or corporate board opportunity.

Our C-Suite Resume Portfolios are turnkey products designed to help you write career materials quickly and efficiently while opening doors to decision-makers for your clients. 

Access the Full C-Suite
Resume Writing Portfolio 6 Pack

Diversify your client base by investing in our multiple resume template portfolios for various executive positions. The CIO, CEO, CoB, CTO, CFO, CRO are all unique and specific to the profession and role. 

Resume Writing Portfolio Bundles

What Our Customers are Saying:

With your help, I really did find the perfect job for me and I couldn’t be happier with the change…

“Hi Maureen: I’m still with ABC Company and am absolutely loving the new job after 8 months. The culture here is a perfect fit for me, the leadership is solid, and my team is a motivated, competent, high performing group that is teaching me a lot. With your help, I really did find the perfect job for me and I couldn’t be happier with the change. Working with an experienced career coach like you has reinforced my belief that expert guidance and advice really adds value to someone going through a career transition.”

C-Level Business Leader  //  Toronto, CANADA

The end product being a very unique and customized resume representing the clearest career picture of myself I could ever have imagined…

“Maureen clearly is savvy in being able to personally identify with her clients in getting to know their individual strengths, skill sets, and personality traits. The end product being a very unique and customized resume representing the clearest career picture of myself I could ever have imagined. Fantastic job! I will always use her assistance for continued career coaching as well when needed.

Maureen has without ANY doubt far exceeded my expectations! Money very, very well spent - and one very happy client. The real outcome so far is not only increased confidence in my own skill set but insight to today's job climate and much needed interview tactics.”

Transportation Executive  //  Eastern USA

Thanks to our executive career coaching platform, our success stories are working at...

Maureen Farmer  //  CEO & Founder

I am Maureen Farmer, CPBS, CRS, CCS, CCMC, Certified 360Reach Analyst, DISC Certified, an executive career coach and resume writer who has amassed 25+ years of corporate experience serving public companies across several industries, including financial services, energy, and legal services.

In 2011 I left the corporate world and put my writing, administrative, human resources, and finance skills to work to become a leading executive and board-level resume writer and career professional.  

Using the tools on this website, I work with leaders of public companies to help them develop their personal brands to help them get hired up. 

Maureen Farmer

Frequently Asked Questions


While we don’t have a specific date and time, we will be aiming to release new products on a quarterly basis. 


We base the price on the time and other resources spent by Maureen (Founder & CEO) in building the products. They have evolved over time through constant editing and copyfitting while being consistently refined to fit the needs of hundreds of executives.


Yes! In fact, WordRight is a Westgate brand, and it is through the clients of Westgate that all of our assets and resources have been tested and used. If you are interested in 1:1 executive career consulting or if you are a corporation looking for c-suite optimization, please visit our Westgate site (www.westgatecareercoaching.com).