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6 Unique Portfolios to Choose From

Chairman of The Board Resume Writing Portfolio

For your highest-level board client, this resume writing portfolio includes an original chairman of the board resume...


CEOs today are required to remain current on market conditions that impact their industry.


Clients wanting to up-level from a Senior VP to a CIO role will stand out among their competitors with this market-tested package. 


Today’s CFOs serve as strategic advisors and partners across finance, strategy, leadership, and communication functions.


Heavily focused on business development and sales, the CRO is the corporate executive responsible for all revenue generation processes in an organization.


Your Chief Technology Officer (CTO) client is a vital business leader for the organization.


Access the Full C-Suite Resume Writing Portfolio 6 Pack

Diversify your client base by investing in our multiple resume template portfolios for various executive positions. The CIO, CEO, CoB, CTO, CFO, CRO are all unique and specific to the profession and role.

  • 6 Resume Templates
  • 6 Completed Resumes & Job Descriptions
  • 6 Completed Resumes (PDF)
  • 6 Cover Letters
  • 6 Thank you Letters
  • 6 Follow-up Templates
  • 6 Customizable Graphics
  • 6 Client Resume Questionnaires
Resume Writing Portfolio Bundles

ONLY $1245

Why Use a C-Suite Resume Writing Template

Our templates are used by top-level resume specialists for executives who work for leading Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs, Warner Bros, Google, Sony, Apple, Black Rock, and others. 

Our resume writing portfolios feature recent executives’ experiences based on their true results. They are anonymized and fictionalized to protect the executive’s privacy, but the results are very real. 

You will write faster and save up to 20 hours of painstaking research, writing, and testing with our customized executive resume writing templates. You will increase the number of clients you will be able to serve and optimize your earning potential. 

Build your brand as an executive resume specialist. Position yourself as a premier executive resume writer. Impress your clients with quality assets that open doors to decision makers.

Resume Templates Overview

Each item in this portfolio was constructed through hours of work, feedback, and editing. Each one has been tried and true to success. They have been built in a way that offers you both instruction and direction, while also allowing for full customization.

  1. 1
    The Resume template is a simple but attractive document you can customize to suit your client. Our templates are original designs created by our very talented graphic designer who has worked with our team for more than 10 years.
  2. 2
    The completed resume and job description are paired to demonstrate the critical importance the job description has on the resume writing process—a step often overlooked by the novice resume writer.
  3. 3
    The Completed resume (PDF) is printer agnostic that gives you a picture-perfect image of the completed resume. Since printer settings vary, we’ve included a PDF to indicate the true image of the resume.
  4. 4
    The Cover letter is strategically designed to be short, pithy, and impactful. Recruiters have very little time to read long texts and our bulleted approach to writing the letter is easy on the eyes and effortless to scan. 
  5. 5
    The Thank you letter is one of the most important components of the client’s job seeking journey. Far more than an a simple “thank you”, our thank you letters are designed to fuel engagement with the recruiter and hiring decision-maker with a strong call to action. 
  6. 6
    The Follow-up letter is triggered when communication with the recruiter has halted. Maintaining a consistent follow-up process helps your client stand out among their competitors. 
  7. 7
    The Customizable Graphic will help you record your client’s metrics in a unique, visual way. Our clients love this element. This graphic was prepared in PowerPoint where you can easily include your client’s metrics for key achievement. There is an example of this presentation in the completed resume and job description document. Once I complete the PowerPoint graphic, I save it as a picture and then insert it as a picture (.jpg or .png) directly into the document. 
  8. 8
    The Client Resume Questionnaire is one of the most important assets in our portfolios. Resume Writers often struggle with collecting information from the client in a way that makes it efficient, comprehensive, and seamless. The completed questionnaire becomes the roadmap for the resume, cover letter, and job interview. It is a multi-purpose tool that saves you time and effort. 

Stories of Success

“I just wanted to let you know I have just been offered a big role with a new company and the new resume and completion of my MBA certainly assisted. I have had several positive comments about my resume and just wanted to pass my thanks onto you once again.”

SENIOR TECHNICAL MANAGER  / Melbourne, Australia

Order All 6 Resume Template Portfolios and save $250

Diversify your client base by purchasing resume template portfolios for multiple executive positions. The CIO, CEO, CoB, CTO, CFO, CRO are based on real clients (some details are fictionalized), unique and specific to the profession and role. 

Resume Writing Portfolio Bundles

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use these templates?

While these templates can be used by anyone, they are specifically built for executive resume writers or DIY executives. The comprehension poured into these portfolios is meant for producing mature, quality assets that reflect the work of c-suite individuals.

What if I'm not good at resume writing?

You don’t need to be a certified resume writer or a long-term practitioner to purchase our portfolios. We have constructed the templates in a way that is accessible for both resume writers and individuals looking to write their own resume. That said, if you are interested in learning more about resume writing, we invite you to explore Career Professions of Canada