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How savvy executives get coached—for free!

This weekend I was honored to be a volunteer at the annual “Discoverabilities” conference created for and in service to adults with intellectual disabilities in my city. I was deeply humbled by the networking, camaraderie and compassion that these adults shared with one another. This wonderful event reminded me of one of my absolute favorite […]

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7 reasons you need a plan B for your career.

I recently returned from an electricity conference in Kingston, Jamaica hosted by Jamaica Public Service Company where more than 375 women gathered to collaborate on “how women do energy differently.” Professionals, engineers and CEOs from around the globe gathered to discuss the energy industry and how to manage their careers. It was clear to me […]

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How smart executives use LinkedIn

Business owners, corporate recruiters and corporate executives around the globe are harnessing the power of LinkedIn to grow their businesses. I read an article a few days ago that referred to LinkedIn as a Rolodex of 400 million people. No kidding! The benefit of LinkedIn is that it can serve multiple purposes and reach multiple […]

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