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Planning Your Exit Strategy? How LinkedIn Can Help.

A corporate client recently contacted me to help him with a research project—to identify a list of ideal COO candidates for his company. As the CEO of a growing biotechnology manufacturing company, he told me he doesn’t have time for that stuff: “I consider LinkedIn my personal Rolodex, but aside from that, I don’t really […]

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Interview Secrets HR Won’t Tell You

Do you ever wonder what information the job interviewers are looking for? The role of human resources during the hiring process is to protect the company from fraudulent employees. This may sound dramatic, but it’s true. If you have ever watched the movie Catch Me If You Can, you will understand why companies are concerned about […]

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Savor the Sound of Music. Create Your Future.

I am in awe of musicians. Recently I attended a concert featuring the Nova Scotia Symphony and popular Canadian crooner, David Myles. I sat for nearly two hours listening to magical arrangements executed by dozens of deeply talented and gifted musicians while I watched the conductor weave the music together with his mysterious choreography. I […]

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