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Will Your Executive Resume Pass the Test?

Recently I worked with an executive who is with an international consulting firm. He had been approached by the SVP of Research and Development and encouraged to apply for an upcoming senior-level vacancy. My client is brilliant, ambitious and clearly on the fast track. Both of us were feeling confident that he would ace the competition. After all […]

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How Following Up Got Me The Job

How I won the job by following up As a business owner in the careers industry who is fairly new to the marketing and sales game, I absorb everything I can on the topic and learn from those who are good at it. As they say, it takes 10,000 hours to competence, and frankly, I […]

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Run to a Job You Love

Almost every day I hear from intelligent, educated and talented people working in every imaginable industry who are stuck trying to figure out how to start a job search. Here is what I hear: “I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.” “I don’t know where to begin.” “I’m working 70 hours a week and have […]

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